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About Us

The American Polo Association is a worldwide group of Polo players and enthusiasts who believe that the sport of Polo can be a leader in charitable causes and an opportunity for many great females and minority players. The Association has both female and male players who believe Polo is a sport of not only Kings but the people.

The Association sponsors fundraisers around the world by exchanging American players and foreign players to achieve Polo equality. If you look at the Governors list and the participants, it includes some of the most influential Polo people in the world. There are two types of memberships, Polo players and Social members. Each type of member is very important to our mission, Membership is free. If you are a Polo playing member you agree to play at a Polo charity event for free. If you are a Social member you attend, participate, and give your talents for the benefit of charity.


To date the Foundation has raised over a million dollars for numerous charities.

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